Programme of the IUMS outreach programme on Food Safety

Wednesday June 22 2011

9.00-10.00The opening ceremony of the fourth International seminar of the Indonesian Society of Microbioloy and the International Union of Microbiological Societies Outreach Programme

Dr Koesnandar Sastrowijono President of the Indonesian Society of Microbiology Welcome:

Prof Dr Robert A Samson (Secretary General of the IUMS): Introduction


10.00-10.40: Dr Ratih Dewanti (Indonesia): Introduction and food safety issues in South Asia.

10.40-11.20: Prof Graham Fleet (ICFMH, Australia) The public health significance of yeasts in foods and Beverages

11.20-12.00 Prof. Luca Cocolin (ICFMH, Italia): Prevalence, biodiversity and behavior of foodborne pathogens as determined by molecular methods

12.00-14.00. Lunch

Food viruses

14.00-14.40: Prof. Dr Albert Bosch (ICFMH, Spain): Food and waterborne enteric viruses.

14.40-15.20: Dr Leen Baert (ICFMH, Belgium): Method development of norovirus in foods

15.20-16.00 Coffee & Tea break

16.00-16.40: Prof. Dr Albert Bosch (ICFMH, Spain): Standardised molecular detection of enteric viruses in food and water.

16.40- 17.20: Dr Leen Baert (ICFMH, Belgium): Stability of norovirus in the food chain

18.00 Dinner

Thursday, June 23 2011.

Food preservations and Fermentations

8.30-9.10: Prof. Dr Graham Fleet (ICFMH, Australia) Managing cocoa bean fermentations for quality and safety.

9.10-9.50: Prof. Dr Johan Schnürer (Sweden): Antifungal lactic acid bacteria as biopreservatives

9.50-10.20 Coffee & Tea break

10.20-11.00: Prof. Dr Luca Cocolin (ICFMH, Italia): Culture independent methods to assess the microbiota diversity and dynamics during food fermentations

11.00- 11.40: Prof. Dr Johan Schnürer ICFM, Sweden): Yeasts as biocontrol agents of moulds in cereal grains and fruits.

12.00-13.30. Lunch

Food mycology and mycotoxins Part 1:

13.30-14.00: Prof Dr Robert A. Samson (Vice chair ICFM, The Netherlands): Biodiversity of food borne fungi and the implication for mycotoxin production

14.00- 14.30: Jos Houbraken (ICFM The Netherlands). Molecular diagnostics of food borne fungi

14.30 -15.00 Dr Emilia Rico (ICFM, USA): Spoilage Problems in Beverages: Methods, Challenges and Prevention

15.00-15.30 coffee break

15.30-16.00. Jos Houbraken (ICFM The Netherlands). Methods for detection and isolation of food borne fungi

16.00-16.30. Dr Emilia Rico (ICFM, USA): Sanitation in food and beverage processing plants

18.00 Dinner

Friday June 24

Food mycology and mycotoxins Part 2

08.30-09.00 Prof. Dr Ludwig Niessen (Chair ICFM, Germany): Loop?mediated isothermal amplification of DNA as a promising new technology for the rapid diagnosis of fungal contaminants in food

09.00-0.930 Prof. Dr Ludwig Niessen (Chair ICFM, Germany): PCR?based diagnosis and quantification of mycotoxin producing fungi

09.30-10.00 coffee break

10.00-10.20 Prof Endang Rahayu (Indonesia): Aflatoxin, occurrence and integrated management control in Indonesia

10.20-10.40 Dr Latiffa Zakaria (Malaysia): Mycotoxin from rice grain in Malaysia

10.40-11.00.Prof. Dr Warapa Mahakarnchanakul (Thailand) Significanceof mycotoxins in food from Thailand


11.00-11.20 Prof Fusao Tomita (Japan) HACCP in small to medium size Food industry : a case study in Hakkaido”

111.20-11.30. Closing
Afternoon excursions